White Van Man gets a raw deal from other drivers

Van imageWhite Van Man has got a reputation for the kind of aggressive and selfish driving that can inspire road rage in the most mild-mannered motorist. However, a recent report suggests that public perception and reality don’t match, and that White Van Man is statistically safer behind the wheel.

Over the years white van drivers have got bad press, but it turns out that they are significantly less likely to have an accident. A report by the RAC compared road users’ opinions of white van drivers with accident figures from the Department of Transport, and the results make for interesting reading.

The study found 57% of motorists think that small van drivers deserve their dodgy reputation, and 54% think that they take less care on the road than other drivers. However, the official statistics for 2012 paint a very different picture: while one in every 146 car drivers was involved in a reported accident, just one in every 261 light van drivers was involved in a reported accident.

The report went on to reveal that Heavy Goods Vehicles were more likely to be involved in an accident (one in every 68 vehicles), while Buses and Coaches were most likely to be involved in an accident (one in every 26 vehicles).

So perhaps it’s time for the Great British Public to reappraise its opinion of White Van Man. After all, tradesmen (from plumbers to plasterers) are a major driving force behind the country’s economy. And where would we be without the army of deliverymen who make the UK the online shopping capital of Europe?

Love them or loathe them: white van drivers are here to stay.  Since the turn of the century the number of vans on Britain’s roads has risen by 29% to 3.3 million. Today one in every 10 vehicles on the road is a van, and van traffic is predicted to nearly double by 2040.

At Quoteline Direct we think that White Van Man has been given a bumpy ride, and that an unfair stereotype has stuck that needs rethinking. We know just how safe White Van Man is behind the wheel, which is why we guarantee to beat your van insurance renewal premium by at least 10%. To find out more visit our van insurance pages or Tel: 0161 874 7710 to speak with an experience consultant.

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