What Makes a Good Unoccupied Property Insurance Provider?

Mouse hover over home iconIf you are a probate solicitor or an estate executor you’ll know just how difficult it can be finding unoccupied property insurance which doesn’t break the bank. Most home insurance policies don’t provide cover if a property is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days; which means you’ll need to find a specialist product from a specialist provider.

Calculating insurance premiums is all about calculating risk and empty properties are more risky to insure.  Not only are they more vulnerable to certain types of claim (such as vandalism and metal theft), but claims tend to be high as damage quickly gets worse if it isn’t immediately fixed. So it’s hardly surprising that the majority of standard home insurers either aren’t interested or charge sky-high premiums.

Instead choose an unoccupied property insurance broker who specialises in working with legal professionals. As a solicitor you’ll have a unique set of demands, which should include the following:

Choice of Cover: Expect a full range of policies from basic FLEE Cover (Fire, Lightning, Earthquake & Explosion) to extended Building & Contents Cover.

Competitive Cover: As a rule of thumb you can expect established brokers to have access to better rates, so chose a provider with a proven track-record.

Convenient Cover: Sometimes you’ll need to arrange cover quickly and that means a broker who can provide online quotes and online cover.

Tailored Cover: At other times you’ll need a ‘made-to-measure’ policy and that means a broker who can provide expert consultation.

Flexible Cover: It’s impossible to know exactly how long it will take to settle an estate, so choose a policy that can be renewed every 3,6 or 9 months.

Non Standard Cover: A good broker will be able to arrange cover for all types of property and construction.

Trusted Cover: Knowing that you are in safe hands, and that the property you are legally responsible for is completely covered, means you can get on with other business without a worry.

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