Top Ten Tips for a Budget Break

Holiday luggageRising inflation and falling sterling are putting the squeeze on holiday spending; so we decided to take a look at ten ways to make your holiday money go further:

DIY Vs Package When booking a holiday don’t automatically assume that it’s going to be cheaper to do it yourself. If you are looking for a bespoke break it may make financial sense to arrange everything yourself. However, if you’re planning a fortnight in the med; it’s hard to beat the price of a package. Either way make sure your holiday is ATOL protected.

Travelling Times The laws of supply and demand mean that prices tumble outside of peak periods. Flexibility around dates usually reaps rewards and if you are restricted by school holidays aim for the end of the season when prices tend to fall.

Excess Baggage Fees Turning up at the airport with oversized or overweight luggage is guaranteed to get your holiday off to a bad start. Excess baggage charges are eye wateringly high, but they can be avoided if you play by the rules. Make sure your baggage is well within the size and weight restrictions, and think carefully about stuffing your suitcase with souvenirs on the way home.

Expensive Added Extras Budget airlines try to boost their bottom line by selling ‘extras’ such as ‘selected seating’ and ‘priority boarding’ that seriously push-up prices. However, the days fighting for a seat are long gone and most budget carriers now allocate seating. Today tickets purchased together are typically (but not always) seated together.

Duty Free Deals Most holidaymakers secretly know that duty free shopping is an expensive game and that you’ll be hard pushed to bag a bargain in the departure lounge. Given that everything from sunglasses to scent is likely to be substantially cheaper online; it makes financial sense to buy high ticket items before you hit the airport.

Bureau de Change It’s a well-known fact that airport currency kiosks offer notoriously high exchange rates; nevertheless millions of holidaymakers get stung every year. Changing currency in advance could put an extra 5-10% in your pocket and there are plenty of online and high street providers competing for your business.

Last Minute Miniatures Everything is expensive in airports and even tiny toiletries come with a giant price tag. Everyday essentials cost more in miniature than full-sized versions in the supermarket and you can often pick-up the same products overseas.

Sterling Vs Euros When paying with plastic you’re sometimes asked if you would rather pay in pounds or the local currency. According to the brains behind the country’s leading money saving website it makes financial sense to pay in the local currency; as you’re less likely to lose out on unfavourable rates.

Holiday Car Hire If you haven’t booked your holiday hire car before arriving; you can expect to pay a hefty price. It’s much harder to compare prices on the ground (and much easier online) and you’re more likely to be overcharged and be talked into extras and upgrades that you really don’t need.

Departure & Arrival When you’re booking a holiday it’s easy to overlook the cost of getting to and from the airport. If you are driving it’s essential to book airport parking in advance or you’ll be left out of pocket. If someone is giving you a lift be careful they don’t overstay the drop-off/ pick-up time limit or they could be hit with a steep fine (a national newspaper recently pointed out that the £50 excess charge levied by some airports meant it was cheaper to park an aeroplane than a car for one hour). And of course, don’t forget public transport and airport transfer services.

And last, but by no means least, don’t forget to buy your travel insurance in advance. Not only will you get a much better rate than at the airport, but you’ll also benefit from cancellation cover. To find out more visit our travel insurance pages or Tel: 0161 874 7745 to talk to a member of our team.


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