The Strangest Mobile Phone Insurance Claims

You rarely find amusing insurance stories in the national press, but today The Telegraph has come up trumps. Using research from (who state that each claim has been ‘rigorously investigated’) they have put together a Top Ten of the most bizarre mobile phone insurance claims. And boy does it make for interesting reading:

  1. A farmer in Devon ‘misplaced’ his iPhone in the rear end of a cow while calving. The phone was later retrieved, albeit damaged.
  2. A mother from Nottingham somehow managed to bake her Nokia 6303i into a birthday cake for her daughter. The phone couldn’t take the heat.
  3. A cheeky monkey at Longleat Safari Park pinched a visitor’s HTC One X while filming from his car window.
  4. It was a case of ‘mobile overboard’ for a love-struck couple recreating and photographing the “I’m King of the World!” scene from the movie Titanic
  5. A fireworks expert claimed to have accidentally blasted his iPhone 3,000ft into the skies above Plymouth
  6. While strolling along the shores of Barry Island a woman claimed a seagull swooped down and made off with her Samsung Galaxy
  7. A young lady from Bristol sent her BlackBerry Bold 9900 for repairs when the vibration function ceased to work while the handset was being used as an adult toy
  8. Unaware that his iPhone had fallen out of his back pocket and into the toilet, an unwitting construction worker went about his business as usual. The phone was retrieved but did not survive the flush.
  9. A young woman from Liverpool broke her handset by hurling it at a wall. It narrowly missed the intended target of her cheating boyfriend
  10. Without a ticket, and desperate to see Blur in Hyde Park, one hapless fan climbed a nearby tree to see what he could film. Somewhat overexcited as the band came on stage he dropped his iPhone and filming was cut short.

They do say that truth is stranger than fiction, and you would certainly need a vivid imagination to make up some of the above. If you’ve ever had to make an unusual insurance claim we would love to hear all about it.

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