Why is taxi insurance so expensive?

At Quoteline Direct we are often askedTaxi queue why taxi drivers have a tough time finding sensibly-priced insurance. The good news is that as one of the country’s leading brokers we’ve got access to some seriously competitive deals, and because we have been in the business for over 45 years; we’ve got the experience to answer any questions.

5 reasons why taxi insurance can be expensive

Public Liability As a taxi driver you are responsible for the safety of your passengers and if you are involved in an accident personal injury claims can quickly add-up.

More Miles Taxi drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheel and more time on the road means more accidents and more insurance claims.

Antisocial Hours Driving during darkness is more dangerous and the majority of taxi jobs are at night.

Size Counts In order to carry passengers taxis tend to be larger and more powerful vehicles which can put them in higher insurance groups.

City Centres Congestion means accidents are more likely to happen in urban areas.

5 ways to get cheaper taxi insurance

Get a Trusted Broker Price comparison websites can be a useful starting point, but brokers can negotiate access to deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

No Claims Discount Building up your NCD is the simplest way to make savings.

Get Tailored Cover Taxi insurance can be complicated and the most competitive policies are often made to measure.

Drive Carefully Keeping your licence clean means lower insurance premiums year on year.

Choose Carefully Premiums are calculated to reflect risk and that means the type of vehicle you drive will affect the cost of cover.

For quick quotes and cover visit our Taxi Insurance pages or Tel: 0161 874 7777 to speak with a member of our dedicated National Taxi Centre in order to discuss a tailored policy.

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