Taxi Driving Tips: 10 ways to be the best

Black London Taxi Being the best taxi driver is all about going that extra mile (figuratively, not literally) and we’ve got ten ‘tried and tested’ tips to help drive your business forward:

Mental Mapping Get to grips with the knowledge and don’t be a slave to your sat nav. Technology has come a long way in a short time, and real time traffic reports can prove invaluable, but for navigation it’s hard to beat the human touch.

Listen Carefully Taxi drivers are known for having the gift of the gab, but not everybody wants a chatty cabbie. Reading your passengers is an essential skill and sometimes it pays to keep quiet. Commuters on the way to work are less likely to be chatty than holidaymakers hungry to get the local lowdown. Don’t be tempted to fill the silence by turning on the stereo, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to have the same taste in music.

Cleanliness Counts Nobody likes a messy cab so keep it spotless and take pride in your place of work. Nasty niffs and pungent pongs can be a big turn-off and that includes eye-wateringly strong ‘air fresheners’.

Smooth Operator Driving at breakneck speed to shave a few seconds off a journey won’t impress the passengers being bounced about in the back. Customers don’t want a rollercoaster ride and they are more likely to dig-deep for a tip if their pulse isn’t racing, plus you’ll save on petrol.

Stay Heathy All that time spent sitting behind the wheel can wreak havoc with your back and your waistline. Downloading fitness apps can help you stay active and keep a close eye on calories. Make sure you stay hydrated and bring your own meals to work to sidestep the temptation of junk food stalls that so often surround taxi ranks and pick-up points.

Hot Topics Some subjects can quickly turn into conversational cul-de-sacs and you’re wise to steer clear of politics and religion. It’s safe to assume that most passengers want to keep their personal lives private and if you’re stuck for conversation there’s always the national obsession with the weather.

Avoid Surprises Nobody wants to get a nasty financial shock at the end of a journey and most passengers will appreciate a ballpark fare before setting-off, especially if you are likely to be slowed-down by peak traffic or are charging a higher rate for driving after dark.

Stay Cool If patience is indeed a virtue it’s hard to think of a more virtuous profession than driving a taxi. Hours spent waiting for a fare will practice your patience and backseat drivers will test your patience. Rather than getting hot under the collar; just keep calm and carry on.

Enjoy the Ride While there might be a few bad apples it’s worth remembering that most passengers are grateful that you’re putting-in the long hours and hard work to keep the country moving.

Get Insured Driving a taxi can be stressful and it helps to know that you’re completely covered. Quoteline Direct has been helping cabbies find affordable insurance for nearly half a century and you’ll have to go a long way to get a better deal. To find out more visit our taxi insurance pages or get in touch with our National Taxi Centre directly on Tel 0161 874 7777.


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