Six of the Best: Interesting Insurance Stories

Loch ness monster tartan It’s been another busy month in the world of insurance, with headlines ranging from the sublime (cheaper home insurance premiums) to the ridiculous (a policy to protect against the Loch Ness Monster), here are the best of the bunch:

Lock-Up Your Cars

Superintendant Gilbert Houalla of Wycombe is starting a one man crusade to stamp-out bogus insurance claims made by absent-minded vehicle owners. The top police officer says “the number of people who leave their cars open with bags on display is beyond logic” and he’s fed up with other motorists being penalised for the “carelessness of a considerable minority”. From now he’s vowed to notify insurance companies when a break-in has been assisted by a forgetful owner failing to lock their vehicle.

When Nessie Attacks!

A cruise ship company has taken out insurance against its fleet being damaged by the Loch Ness Monster. Publicity savvy Jacobite Cruises of Inverness will get a six figure payout if any of their boats are damaged by the fabled freshwater monster. The insurance deal marks the 80th anniversary of Nessie’s first ‘appearance’. In the intervening years detractors have blamed sightings on everything from overactive imaginations to a giant sturgeon.

Cheaper Home Cover

Finally there’s some good news for homeowners, last year the number of burglaries fell by 20 percent and home insurance premiums have dropped by an average of nine percent. Unfortunately the crime figures for personal theft aren’t quite as rosy with an overall rise of six percent.

Truckers Safety Questioned

When Emma Duncan’s car was hit by a foreign lorry travelling on the wrong side of the road she thought that things couldn’t get much worse. However, because the driver supplied false details (meaning the police and her insurance company were unable able to trace the truck driver) her car was scrapped for just £150.

The case has prompted calls from leading motoring organisations to harmonise lorry driving standards across the European Union. At the same time the Department for Transport has published statistics which appear to support the claims: in 2011 HGVs registered overseas accounted for 8% of accidents despite comprising just 3.6% of HGVs on the road.

You Need Hands

A Spanish man cut his hand off in an attempt to claim a total of £1.77million from a variety of insurance companies. The unnamed man claimed to have lost his hand in a car crash but investigators began to get suspicious when they inspected the wound. “Things didn’t add-up” said Jose Luis Nieto of investigators Gesterec “The hand was cut too cleanly, without affecting the bone, which is something almost impossible in traffic accidents.” It’s a desperate case, but sadly one that isn’t isolated: last year a man from Valencia cut off his arm and tried to fraudulently claim £500,000 blaming it on an accident with an electric saw.

Women’s Premiums Soar

Women drivers are paying a hefty price for sexual equality thanks to a European Gender Directive. The EU legislation, which came into effect in December, prevents insurance providers from calculating premiums based on gender, despite the fact that women are statistically much safer on the roads. Since the ruling comprehensive cover for women has jumped by 20.7 percent, with those aged 17 to 20 now paying an average of £2,256 per annum.

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