Six of the Best Insurance News Stories from November

ClassroomInsurance on the Curriculum

Representatives of the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) have been in talks with the government about ways of stimulating the industry and the wider economy. Near the top of the list of suggestions is a proposal to include insurance education within schools. At Quoteline Direct we think it’s a great idea increase awareness of the benefits of insurance, and we would love to hear your thoughts!

Winter sports accidents could add-up to £40,000

We’ve already blogged about why it’s so important to arrange winter sports insurance if you’re planning a skiing or snowboarding break, and it’s a sentiment that’s echoed across the industry. One leading provider has warned uninsured holidaymakers that they could face bills of up-to £40,000 in North America and £10,000 in Europe to cover medical bills. A growing number of medical clinics and hospitals are refusing to provide free treatment agreed under the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and all health care costs must be paid in North America.

Motorcyclists ride into trouble with modifications
Nearly half of all motorcyclists are at risk of invalidating their policy by failing to tell insurers about modifications made to their bikes. A survey carried out by IPSOS Mori found that 83% of motorbike riders modify their bikes, but only 56% tell their insurers. While a small percentage of bikers confessed to keeping quiet in order to avoid higher premiums; the majority were unaware that modifications could change the terms of cover. If you are thinking of modifying your bike get in touch with your insurer, and that includes anything from fitting non-standard tyres to upgrading your air filter.

Ignoring travel jabs could invalidate your insurance

One in four Brits fail to get the recommended inoculations before travelling abroad and could risk invalidating their policy if they become ill. As the nights draw-in and the mercury drops thoughts understandably turn to sunnier climes, but the lure of distant winter sun comes with a health warning. Pay a visit to your GP a few weeks before jetting off and arrange the recommended vaccinations. You can then relax in the sun safe in the knowledge that you’re jabs are up-to-date and that your travel insurance will pay-out if the worst happens.

Watch out if out if you’re driving on the continent

While most of Europe has come to an agreement to share information on traffic offences, there are three countries that have refused to take part in the initiative: Britain, Ireland and Denmark.  The system works by throwing open car registration information across Europe. Police can then issue fines by post for a variety of driving offences caught on camera including: speeding, running red lights and using a mobile when driving. Although data is to be shared between nations, penalties for breaking the law vary widely with a speeding ticket costing 10 Euro in Germany and 68 Euro in France.

The soaring cost of car insurance in the capital

As if life in the capital wasn’t expensive enough already a new survey has revealed that Londoners pay £500 a year more for their car insurance. The average cost to insure a car in the capital is an eye-watering £1,170 per year which is 75% higher than in the rest of the country. Perhaps more worrying is the claim that the average London motorist will spend more on insurance over two and a half years than the car is worth after depreciation.

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