Insurance News Round-up: EXTRA EDITION

SantaIt’s been a busy month for news and with so many interesting stories hitting the headlines we have decided to publish another round-up, packed with plenty of seasonal cheer.


Santa’s insurance premiums top £27million

It’s that time of the year when marketing departments go into overdrive in a bid to squeeze the maximum PR out of Christmas. However, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of festive fun and it was only a matter of time before someone calculated the cost of insuring Santa. With all those presents to cover, and a downright dangerous means of transport, premiums were bound to be sky-high, but £27,143, 554.20 could buy an awful lot of mince pies. Besides travel insurance for the over 65s and pet insurance for his team of faithful reindeers, Santa would need employers’ liability for his team of elves and commercial vehicle insurance for his sleigh. Oh and don’t forget a performing arts policy to trademark his ‘Ho Ho Ho’.

Tipsy commuters mislay Christmas presents

With the festive season in full swing, and less than a fortnight until Christmas day, commuters are being urged to keep a close eye on their shopping; especially if they’ve been unwinding after work. The warning comes as figures reveal that one in five rail commuters have lost their Christmas shopping and over half of them admit it’s because they had ‘one too many’. While insurance is one way to cushion the financial blow it’s worth remembering the advice to take ‘everything in moderation’ and because it’s Christmas let’s not forget how Oscar Wilde finished the quote ‘including moderation’.

How well do you know The Highway Code?

A survey by a leading breakdown provider has shone a light on the country’s knowledge of The Highway Code and the findings are illuminating. A significant percentage of the driving public are shaky on the rules of the road with 25% thinking it’s perfectly legal to undertake on the motorway and 30% believing it’s acceptable to pull over onto the hard shoulder and have a nap. Worryingly 32% thought the speed limit on a national single carriageway was 70mph rather than the actual limit of 60mph, which means that one in three drivers could be speeding without even realising. Other laws which weren’t commonly recognised include the fact that it’s illegal to drive barefoot and that it’s illegal to sound your horn while stationary.


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