November Insurance News: A month in headlines

Car frostingCar thieves are working overtime in the cold snap

As temperatures plummet due to an icy blast from the Arctic motorists are being warned not to leave their vehicles unattended with the engine running when ‘warming-up’ in the morning. Opportunist thieves take advantage of the big freeze in a practice nicknamed ‘frosting’ where they simply help themselves to unattended cars complete with keys. Not only are insurers unlikely to pay out if your vehicle is stolen, but you’re also breaking the law. Much better to invest in a can of de-icer and a windscreen scraper.

Are you too embarrassed to make an insurance claim?

The Brits are famed for having a ‘stiff upper lip’ and a recent survey seems to back-up the national stereotype. Not only are we collectively restrained in our emotions, but one in twenty people are too embarrassed to make a claim for a lost or damaged item. It seems that rather than facing the embarrassment of explaining the circumstance behind a claim; they would rather replace the item out of their own pocket. The study also revealed that nearly half of Brits won’t make a claim for a lost or damaged item because they don’t think ‘it’s worth the hassle’ or they don’t realise they can make a claim.

City centre parking puts motorists in a tight spot

There’s been a lot of talk recently about how yesterday’s parking spaces are too small for today’s modern vehicles. Advances in vehicle safety mean that even the smallest cars have got bigger (the mini is no longer mini) not to mention the oversized SUVs roaming the roads. Parking is fast becoming a real problem and now accounts for one third of accidents. The insurance industry pays out £1.4billion each year covering 675,000 parking related incidents. Local authorities have reacted by saying ‘bigger spaces would mean fewer spaces’ but something has got to give and maybe it’s time for the government to rethink the guidelines.

The dangers of driving through flood water
A report by a leading motoring organisation has revealed that older motorists are more likely to put themselves at risk by driving on flooded roads than younger drivers. It’s often said that ‘with age comes wisdom’ but clearly not when it comes to driving through flood water. The survey found that 49% of motorists aged over 65 would take a gamble by driving though floods compared to just 40% of motorists aged 18-24. The findings are surprising and show that experience doesn’t always make you a safer driver and that sometimes caution counts. It’s strongly recommended that motorists don’t drive through any flood water that is deeper than 10cm and you may be surprised to read that just 30cm of flowing water is enough to wash away a car.

Are your presents covered for Christmas?

With Christmas just a few weeks away insurers are urging anyone travelling over the festive period to check their presents are covered. Whether you’re jetting-off for some well-earned winter sun, or driving to meet family and friends, it’s essential to make sure your xmas gifts are covered. Start by checking your Home and Travel insurance policies to see if you are already covered and look out for ‘single item limits’ which may not cover expensive items such as jewellery or electronic devices. Most providers will be happy to add extra cover to existing policies for a small fee.


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