Spring Motorcycling Tips

Motorbike dashboardAfter a long wet winter, it’s time to dust off your biking leathers and open-up your throttle. Spring is the best time to get back in the saddle and fall in love with the open road, but first you’ll need to give your motorbike a little TLC.

Spring Clean your Bike It’s been a miserable winter and whether your bike’s been sitting out the worst of the weather in the garage or working hard in the wet; it will benefit from a thorough clean. Use a gentle shampoo to get rid of the salt and grit before corrosion sets in and pay special attention to the ‘hard to reach’ places.

Check your Electrics Flat batteries are one of the most common reasons for motorcycle breakdowns, and given they don’t hold charge well in cold weather, check you’re fully charged before setting off. Make sure all your lights are working (front and rear) replacing blown bulbs and fuses.

Top Everything Up Spring sunshine and longer evenings mean more opportunities to get out and ride. To make sure you maximise your time in the saddle, and minimise time on the hard shoulder, make sure your bike is topped-up with coolant, brake fluid and engine oil. Topping up only takes a few moments and could save you a great deal of time and expense in the long run. If you aren’t 100% sure of what to do check your bike owner’s manual or visit a trusted garage.

Check your Tyres Winter driving can take a serious toll on your tyres, impairing safety and performance. Carefully check tyre condition to make sure they are roadworthy keeping an eye open for embedded debris and cracks in the sidewall. Top-up with air to the correct pressure and you’ll enjoy better handling, more miles and be less likely to have a blow-out.

Safe Spring Riding Spring is the most meteorologically confused season and mornings bathed in bright sunshine can quickly turn nasty. Cloudbursts can drench roads in minutes and the low spring sun can easily dazzle riders. Add in a proliferation of potholes (often hidden under puddles), plus debris washed onto the tarmac, and it pays to expect the unexpected.

Be safe Be Seen Statistics show that most motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers who didn’t see the bike. Make sure you’re clearly visible by wearing brightly coloured clothing and riding with your lights on.

And Finally If you haven’t been in the saddle for a while take it easy; remember it might not be your bike that’s got a little rusty over the winter months.

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