Motorbiking baby boomers have plenty of gas in the tank

Skull on old bikeA new generation of bikers are tearing up the tarmac as a record number of over 50s take to two wheels. Not only are there more over 50s on the roads than ever before, but they’ve also got deep pockets. Figures released by a leading insurer reveal that the over 50s spent £340 million on motorcycling last year; adding-up to nearly one third of the overall market.

Not only have older Easy Riders got the spending power for the best bikes and latest kit, but they can also expect cheaper insurance. Calculating motorcycle insurance premiums is all about calculating risk and older drivers are less risky.

A lifetime spent on the roads means they have built-up plenty of experience and they tend to use their bikes for recreational rides rather than commuting to work. In fact, eight out of ten born-again-bikers said they rode to enjoy the ‘freedom of the open road’ which means seeking out quieter routes, riding in good weather and during daylight hours. Unfortunately the same can’t be said of commuting; which can be decidedly risky on two wheels.

Then there’s the subject of testosterone: men aged over fifty are less likely to feel the need to ‘show off’ and there’s been a recent surge in the number of women who have taken up biking. The result is that the over 50s pay (on average) half as much for their motorcycle insurance as the under 50s.

Research by the Motorcycle Industry Association backed up the findings, reporting increases in the number of over 50s looking for insurance every year since 2009. Whether it’s something that you’ve always dreamed of, or you’re coming back to biking, there’s never been a better time to try out two wheels. And if you’re looking for a great deal on your motorcycle insurance; you’ll have to go a long way to beat Quoteline Direct.


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