How home insurance could help you defend your legal rights

Statue holding balance scaleIn the not too distant past a job was for life, but the world of work is changing, and today people regularly switch jobs. A recent study revealed that the average Briton will undertake six different roles in six different companies throughout their career. And the greater number of jobs someone holds; the greater the chances of being involved in an employment dispute.

However, since the introduction of employment tribunal fees in 2013 the number of cases going to court has fallen significantly. Over the past four years claims for unfair dismissal have dropped by over 70% and discrimination claims by over 60%. The government has been keeping a close eye on the figures and admits that tribunal fees (which can be as much as £1,200) are partly to blame along with sky-high legal fees.

Finding legal funding can be tricky, but millions of homeowners may have access to help they are overlooking. Legal expenses insurance is often ‘bundled-in’ with home insurance or can be bought as an ‘add on’.  Cover is competitively priced and aimed at helping policyholders to protect their rights by providing legal expertise and covering the cost of taking action in a number of everyday legal scenarios; including employment tribunals.

Policy details vary from provider to provider with levels of cover ranging from £25,000 – £100,000. Most cover a wide range of civil disputes including employment claims for discrimination (sexual, racial, religious, disability, or age related) and unfair dismissal. As always: the devil is in the detail so it’s essential to read the small print.

If you have a claim your insurance company’s solicitors will gauge the chances of success and take action if the chances of success are over 50%. It’s an effective way of deterring spurious claims and keeping cover affordable and in reality the vast majority of cases do proceed to court.

Legal expenses insurance provides a host of additional benefits to householders, covering a diversity of legal disputes from disagreements with tradesmen to claiming compensation after an accident.

As a leading home insurance broker we have access to a range of competitive policies from some of the biggest names in the business. Some of our home insurance policies come with legal expenses insurance as standard, otherwise it can be purchased as an add-on. If you are an existing customer check your T&Cs as you may already be covered, otherwise it’s well-worth thinking about at renewal and could cost as little as a cup of coffee.

To find out more visit our home insurance pages where you’ll get guaranteed savings of at least 10% on your current premium (based on like for like cover).


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