Is your garden insured under your home insurance policy?

LawnmowerAfter a long wet winter spring is finally in the air. The fruit trees are in blossom, the bulbs have burst into life and longer evenings mean we can all spend more time in the garden. As a nation we take gardening seriously and the average household spends nearly £320 a year on their garden with the figure climbing to £380 for families with children.

Sheds packed with power tools and sporting equipment are tempting targets for thieves plus there are plenty of valuable plants and ornaments in the garden itself. Take the following steps to secure your garden and make life more difficult for thieves:

Get Secure Thieves often sneak in through unlocked gates and surprisingly 40% of householders freely admit that they don’t have secure locks. Make sure your fence or hedge doesn’t have any gaps that might provide easy access and make sure your gate and shed are securely locked.

Out of Sight Burglars are often opportunists looking for easy pickings. Leaving valuable items in plain sight could be asking for trouble even if you are just popping round to visit a neighbour.

Get Insured A recent report by a leading bank revealed the average claim for garden theft was an eye-watering £1,120. It’s worth noting that most home insurance policies include provision for ‘contents in the open’ although T&Cs may apply. Understandably underwriters often insist on a minimum level of security and may place a claims limit on single items. If you are in any doubt about whether you are covered, and a surprising number of households are, get in touch with your provider.

Keep an Inventory Make an inventory of everything you keep in your garden and outbuildings; you’ll be surprised at how quickly the figures add-up. Take photographs of expensive items and use a UV security pen to mark valuables with your postcode.

Extra Measures When it comes to garden security you don’t have to spend big bucks to make a big difference. Motion activated lighting is a cost-effective deterrent and thieves will have a hard time getting away with your bicycle or lawnmower if they are secured using bike locks.

Don’t forget that insuring your garden isn’t just about protecting yourself from green fingered thieves. Policies often include provision for accidental damage which covers a wide range of scenarios from damage caused by storms to BBQs that have got out of control.

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