Insurance News Round-Up: October’s Hottest Headlines

Holiday luggageHome from home: holiday luggage unpacked

The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once quipped “I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad”, but many Brits can’t take a trip overseas without packing some home comforts. A report into the holiday habits of the over 50s has revealed that one in three packs teabags to ensure they get a good cuppa. Over a quarter of those questioned packed tasty treats, such as cereal and chocolate, and 3% wouldn’t leave home without a jar of marmite. Often overlooked items included travel adaptors and mobile phone chargers. Whatever you choose to take abroad; don’t forget to pack your travel insurance.

Tools of the trade: rich pickings for thieves

A report by a leading insurer has revealed that 10% of tools used on building sites are lost or stolen every year costing tradesmen millions in lost equipment and lost revenue. Tools make tempting targets for thieves who have begun dressing as workmen to commit crime unnoticed. However, tools don’t just go missing ‘on site’; commercial vehicles also provide rich pickings. A quarter of those questioned reported they had at least one commercial vehicle broken into in the past five years, and nearly 50,000 work vehicles are stolen every year. Following a spate of van break-ins police are urging tradesman to store all tools and equipment in a secure place overnight, and we would urge tradesman to seriously consider taking out Tools in Transit Insurance.

Younger drivers want to be safer drivers

A survey of 1000 young drivers aged 17-24 has found that 40% admit they are unsafe behind the wheel. The findings went on to reveal that nearly half of those questioned believe they haven’t been taught enough about road safety. Given that younger drivers are involved in a disproportionately high number of serious road accidents; perhaps it’s time we rethought our approach to teaching road safety. The survey commissioned by Continental also found that 50% of young drivers didn’t know where to begin checking vehicle safety basics such as legal tyre treads.

Do you know the rules of the road?

Recent changes to legislation surrounding the use of mobile devices behind the wheel have been widely welcomed and the subject of driver distraction is now on the public radar. However, there are some offences that drivers might not be aware of, such as the law that prohibits driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians (which can result in a fixed penalty notice). Similarly, it’s illegal to flash other drivers to warn them of speed traps and you can be prosecuted for driving too close to cyclists or horses. Inconsiderate driving offences also include inconveniencing other motorists by hogging the middle lane and driving too slowly.

Life insurance is widely misunderstood

Data gathered by a leading insurer has cast light on the difference between the public perception of life insurance and the product itself. Figures show that 60% of adults don’t have any life insurance because they believe it’s too expensive and that providers won’t pay claims. However, average premiums cost just over £20.00 a month and nearly 98% of claims are paid.  It’s a small price to pay for financial prudence and peace of mind.



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