Halloween Special:  Forget about fright night – have you heard about fright week?

Halloween pumpkin Halloween is just around the corner and households are being urged to take simple steps to avoid getting a nasty financial fright:




Be wary of who’s lurking in the shadows Trick-or-treaters aren’t the only ones who come out at Halloween; burglars creep about in the shadows and they aren’t after your candy. The clocks have just gone back which gives burglars more time to work under the cover of darkness. Statistics show that the week in between Halloween and Bonfire Night is one of the busiest for burglaries peaking on 5th November.

Lock-Up Keeping doors and windows locked might sound like a ‘no brainer’ but crime figures suggest otherwise. Burglars are opportunists; don’t give them the opportunity.

Lock-Down If you don’t feel comfortable opening the door to uninvited strangers; don’t open it.

Light-Up If you are away for the night celebrating with friends keep a light on to give the impression that someone’s home.

Open House With family members coming and going you may be tempted to leave a door key somewhere safe, but be warned that burglars know all the best hiding places (and that includes under that nearby plant pot).

Things that go bump in the night It’s easy to think of trick-or-treating as a bit of harmless fun, but insurance claims data paints a much darker picture. Figures show that Halloween is the worst day for vandalism with home claims jumping by over 150% and car claims by over 50%. The horror begins on Halloween and runs for the entire week up to Bonfire Night.

One leading insurer estimated that more than 3.6 million properties will be damaged by trick-or-treaters taking pranks one step too far with common claims including: broken windows, knocked-down walls and paintwork damaged by eggs.

The good news is that home insurance will protect you from most Halloween horrors. Buildings cover typically safeguards against damage caused by vandalism and Contents cover against loss caused by theft.

Contents cover may also safeguard against injuries caused to anyone visiting your property (say a small person trips over something spooky on your driveway), but as always; the devil is in the detail.

Home Insurance from Quoteline Direct: No Tricks Just Treats

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