Flood Resilience Measures Explained

flood resilianceThe recent floods in the north of England have thrown into sharp contrast the differences in thinking behind flood prevention. While the government and the Environment Agency both agree that something needs to be done; nobody is quite sure where to start.

On one side of the debate there’s a convincing argument for stopping the problem at source by planting more trees in upland areas (to soak up rainfall) and allowing rivers to flood agricultural land before they reach urban areas. On the other side of the debate there’s an equally as convincing argument for accelerating the flow of water through urban areas by increased dredging of rivers and shoring up flood defences.

Wherever you stand on the debate it’s likely that implementing an effective flood defence strategy will take time and homeowners are being urged to make their homes ‘flood resilient’. Resilience is defined as ‘the capacity to recover from difficulties quickly’ and flood resilience accepts that it’s virtually impossible to make a home watertight. However, you can take steps to mitigate damage and help get life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Flood victims are eligible for local authority grants to help implement flood resilience measures when repairing their properties. As well as helping homeowners get back on their feet, flood resilience measures could mean fewer (or lower value) insurance claims.  What steps are best depend on the type of flooding and the type of property, but commonly include:

  • Make sure you have covers for external doors, vents and air bricks
  • Fit drainage pipes with ‘non return’ valves to stop water backing up
  • Tile downstairs floors rather than using wood or fitted carpets
  • Use water resistant materials for kitchen and bathroom fittings
  • Relocate electrical sockets and wiring higher up the wall well clear of floodwater
  • Install water resistant windows and doors
  • Use water resistant plaster on walls, such as renovating lime plaster
  • Invest in a water pump to get rid of floodwater quickly

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For further information on flood resilience measures download the informative ‘Homeowners Guide to Flood Resilience’ from www.knowyourfloodrisk.co.uk.


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