Festive Season Provides Rich Pickings for Burglars

House Icons Show Real EstateWhile most of us are celebrating the season of goodwill and preparing to take a well-earned break; the country’s burglars are working overtime. According to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) December is the busiest month for burglars and last year insurers paid out nearly £1million on stolen goods every single day.

The average Briton spends £350 on presents over the festive period; providing rich pickings for burglars. Take the following simple steps to stop thieves ruining your Christmas:

  • Don’t put gifts under the tree until Christmas Day if they can be easily seen from the street.
  • Take care when disposing of your rubbish; leaving packaging for expensive goods on your doorstep is asking for trouble. Instead use the recycling bin or keep all packaging in your home until collection day.
  • Don’t forget to lock all doors and windows when you go out, and that includes quickly popping next door for a seasonal toast.
  • If you are going away for Christmas you can create the impression that someone’s at home by using timers to switch lamps on and off (or ask a trusted neighbour).
  • Presents left on the back seat of your car make tempting targets for thieves; so make sure everything is kept securely locked in the boot.
  • Thieves thrive in crowded places; so watch out for pickpockets when doing your last minute Christmas shopping or tackling the sales.
  • Be careful when posting on social media sites; today’s thieves are tech-savvy and will be happy to know that you’re home’s been left empty and exactly what you got for Christmas.
  • Make sure that you are covered; check your home insurance policy to ensure that you’ve got the right level of cover for your new contents.

The festive season is the busiest time of the year for burglars, but thefts drop by 69% on Christmas Day itself (making it the lowest all year). Unfortunately they don’t take much time off and burglaries spike to an all time high on New Year’s Eve.

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