Ten ways to cut the cost of a winter sports holiday

SkiingSkiing and snowboarding holidays don’t come cheap, but take the following steps and you can have a winter break without breaking the bank:




Go Somewhere New Turn your back on the wallet punishing slopes of the Alps and head east for some serious savings. Poland, Slovakia and Bulgaria all have well-established ski resorts with jaw-dropping scenery and plenty of powder. You’ll also get to sample a different side of European culture and come home with your balance in the black.

Do It Yourself Ski packages can be pricey and you’re likely to make substantial savings if you book everything yourself. The exception to the rule is last minute deals where flexible holidaymakers can pick-up late bargains.

Pick Your Season The economics of supply and demand will affect the cost of everything on your holiday, from flights and hotels to food and drink. Travel in the high season and you’ll pay for the privilege; travel in the low season and you’re taking a meteorological gamble. Get it right and you could save a small fortune, but get it wrong and you’ll be relying on the snow cannons. Prices are lower at the beginning and end of the season, so you’ll get the best deals before Xmas and towards the end of March. Prices are higher over national and school holidays which usually includes winter half term in the middle of February.

Budget Isn’t Always Best Low-cost airlines promise rock bottom prices, but by the time you’ve added-up all the extras; they don’t always deliver. Charges for transporting ski and snowboard equipment can be sky-high and you’re often better-off paying a premium for a seat with a national carrier that includes a complimentary baggage allowance.

Book Your Transfer Driving in snowy conditions in the mountains, plus limited parking in resorts, is enough to put-off most holidaymakers from hiring a car. As a result competition amongst airport transfer providers is fierce and you can get some great deals; provided you book in advance.

Advanced Ski Hire By hiring your ski or snowboard equipment online via a company such as snowrental.co.uk you could save up to 60% on the walk-in cost. You’ll also know exactly what you’re getting and won’t be lumped with what’s left in store.

Go Self Catering Restaurant meals can take a big bite out of your budget and a few nights of home cooking can save a small fortune. When you’re stocking up at the supermarket remember that prices go up as you go up the mountain.

Carefully Consider Passes Buying lift passes from the resort in advance can save money, but you need to think carefully about what you are buying. Six day passes are often discounted, but if you’re having a few days off the slopes it may be better to buy individual day passes. It’s also worth noting that some nursery slopes have free drag lifts and magic carpets to encourage beginners.

Late Ski Lessons Because most people want ski and snowboard lessons in the mornings you can get serious discounts by booking them in the afternoon. Expect to save about a third on lessons and take advantage of more space on the slopes; something that most novices need.

Get Completely Covered Winter sports are great fun but accidents can and do happen. The fact that one in five policyholders makes a claim proves that insurance is one area where you shouldn’t cut corners. At Quoteline Direct we have found the most flexible solution is to offer winter sports insurance as an ‘add on’ to our single and multi-trip policies; providing generous provision for everything from piste rescue and medical emergencies to stolen equipment and lost lift passes.


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