Trouble in Transit: Crash for Cash

White vanWhite van man gets a bumpy ride in the British media who paint them as ‘reckless’ and ‘aggressive’ pantomime villains with little regard for other road users. Back in the real world the truth is that van drivers are among the country’s most experienced motorists (a fact reflected in their insurance premiums), and now they are being actively targeted by insurance fraudsters.

A recent report has revealed that light van drivers were involved in a third of all deliberate collisions last year as victims of ‘crash-for-cash scammers’. The scam involves fraudsters suddenly slamming on the brakes in order to cause an ‘accident’ with the innocent vehicle behind.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that crash-for-cash is a simple scam; it comes in all sorts of clever disguises and is carried out by sophisticated criminal gangs. It’s estimated to cost the insurance industry nearly £400 million every year and accounts for one in seven personal injury claims.

Crash for cash scams aren’t new, but why is white van man being targeted? It’s thought that the fraudsters are deliberately staging crashes with vans for two main reasons: firstly they are more likely to be fully insured, and secondly drivers working to deadlines are less likely to argue about liability. Whatever the real reasons you can bet they have been carefully thought through by the fraudsters.

A leading law firm has been busy analysing their database of 10 million claims and they discovered that only one van appeared in the ‘Top 20 general claims’ and it was (surprise surprise) the Ford Transit. However, when it comes to the ‘Top 20 accident induced claims’ the Transit was in good company with five more vans making the list.

With mounting evidence that the nation’s fleet of 3.7 million vans are in the scammers’ sights; drivers are being warned to stay vigilant and make sure they’ve got the right insurance.

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