Christmas Presents for your Dog

dog presentsChristmas is the season of goodwill to all mankind and there’s no reason why your four legged friend shouldn’t join the celebrations. And the best bit is that you won’t have to wrack your brains dreaming up the perfect present as we have done all the legwork for you. Here are some our favourite Christmas gifts for dogs:

Juicy Steak The smells of roasting turkey wafting from your oven will have the exactly same effect on your dog as it will on your guests. Once the gastric juices are in full-flow it would be cruel to deprive your dog a delicious dinner. Rather slipping tasty morsels off your plate and under the dining table (some of which may be seriously harmful to your dog’s health) head down to the local butcher and get something that Fido can really get his teeth stuck into.

Dog Insurance Looking after your dog’s health is the best present that money can buy. Admittedly you probably won’t even get a wag of the tail as a ‘Thank You’, but you will get the peace of mind that your dog will be looked after if the worst happens.

Canine Couture Doggie fashion is a subject that divides dog owners, but no matter what your personal opinion; certain breeds could use an extra layer to protect against the cold. Thin, small and short-haired dogs are particularly susceptible to hypothermia in the winter months. So whether you’ve got a Scottie who would look great in a tartan coat or a Labrador who would prefer a quilted Barbour; there’s something to suit every dog.

Basket Case Let’s face it; dogs spend an awful lot of time lying-down, so why not treat your dog to a little bit of seasonal comfort and joy? Long gone are the days when the most a dog could dream of was a basket in a corner of the kitchen, and today’s dog owners can choose from an endless array of ‘sleeping systems’. As a rule of thumb: make sure you choose something that’s more comfy than the couch (or the duvet)!

Collar & Tag From classic leather with brass buckles to candyfloss pink with diamante detailing; a collar says an awful lot about your dog’s personality. The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that dogs in public must be identifiable and a tag is the simplest solution. You’ll need to include your name, address and postcode, and it’s worth considering adding your mobile phone number.

Stocking Fillers Who doesn’t love a stocking packed full of presents? Get one made of rawhide and it will keep your dog busy all day long, otherwise think squeaky toys and tasty treats. Don’t let your dog guzzle down all the treats before breakfast (even if you are already half-way through a Selection Box!) or it will end-up with a sore tummy. Posh pooches may prefer a hamper to a stocking, and there’s a surprising variety to choose from.

Fresh Air After Christmas lunch you might want to put your feet-up and watch The Queen’s Speech, but don’t forget your dog will want to stretch its legs.

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