Christmas Contents Insurance Considerations

Christmas presentsChristmas may be the season of goodwill for most of mankind, but for burglars it’s a chance to work overtime. Long dark winter nights provide plenty of cover for burglars to go about their business and piles of lovingly wrapped presents make easy targets for thieves.  Take the following steps to make sure that burglars don’t ruin your Christmas:

Contents Cover With burglary claims soaring by 20% over the festive period, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got enough contents insurance.  Some providers automatically increase cover levels over Christmas (to include gifts) but some don’t; so it’s a good idea to check.

Hey Big Spender A survey has revealed that the average householder spends £437 on Christmas presents with 6% spending over £1,000. It’s worth remembering that most contents policies have a single item claim limit, and while it’s often a generous figure, expensive items such as jewellery, artworks or antiques might not be adequately covered.

Tempting Targets We don’t want to sound like the Grinch stealing all the fun from Christmas, but it’s best to keep presents out of sight until the big day. Burglars are often opportunists and a lit-up Christmas tree advertising a pile of presents below could be asking for trouble.

Home Security At Quoteline Direct we take security seriously and we’ve got plenty of tips on how to stop burglars in their tracks. However, if you are going to do one thing to make your home more secure; remember to lock-up. It might sound like a ‘no brainer’, but it’s surprisingly easy to leave a window open (or the door on the latch) if you’re just popping next door to deliver Christmas cards or enjoy a seasonal tipple.

Family & Friends If you are visiting loved ones over the festive period ask a trusted neighbour to keep a close eye on your home. Burglars are experts at spotting telltale signs that a property is empty, and simply opening and closing curtains can go a long way to fooling the thieves.

Booty in the Boot A leading insurer has calculated that the average car will be crammed with £286 worth of presents on the biggest shopping day of the year, and nearly half of shoppers will leave their car unattended. Rather than leaving presents piled-high on the parcel shelf (or stacked-up on the back seat) keep them out of sight and locked up in the boot.





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