Chauffeur Insurance FAQ

Chauffeur Rols RoyceWith long hours spent behind the wheel of expensive cars it’s hardly surprising that chauffeurs have a tough time finding sensibly priced insurance. The good news is that is possible to get comprehensive cover which won’t break the bank; you’ve just got to know where to look.

What should I look for in a provider?

Chauffeur insurance is a specialist product and demands a specialist provider who knows the marketplace inside out. So make sure you choose an established broker who both knows the marketplace inside-out and has the industry muscle to negotiate some great deals.

What should I look for in a policy?

The key to finding the right chauffeur insurance is have a clear understanding of the level of cover you want (and the benefits you need) before you begin shopping around. Bear in mind that the cheapest ‘off the peg’ policies are unlikely to meet your needs and could leave you seriously out-of-pocket if you need to make a claim. Instead look for a broker who can tailor a ‘made to measure’ policy so you won’t waste a penny on unnecessary cover that you don’t need.

What benefits should I look for?

Flexible Cover Look for a policy that provides cover for all types of chauffeuring work from driving celebrities to driving wedding cars.

Replacement Vehicles Keep your business on the road by choosing a policy that provides like-for-like vehicle replacement including luxury and prestige models.

At Fault Claims Insurers often cut premiums by restricting replacement vehicles to drivers who are deemed ‘not at fault’. However, if your livelihood depends on being on the road it pays to find a policy that also honours ‘at fault’ claims.

Continental Cover Because you don’t always know where your next job will take you it makes sense to find a policy that includes European Cover.

24 Hour Claims Round-the-clock access to an efficient claims service is essential for anyone working as a professional driver.

No Claims Discounts As a way of enticing new customers some providers will offer new policyholders discounts if they have earned any no claims discounts on their private car insurance.

Added Extras Whether you are a self-employed chauffeur or operate a fleet; the chances are that you’ll need to cover more than just your vehicle. Bigger brokers should be able to arrange a single policy that covers a variety of additional exposures from Public Liability to Legal Expenses.

With more than 45 years’ experience Quoteline Direct is a broker you can really trust. We have access to a panel of specialist chauffeur insurance providers and can tailor a quote to fit your individual needs. To find out more visit our Chauffeur Insurance pages or Tel: 0151 480 6000 to speak with a member of our team.


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