Car insurance to go paperless and tax discs to go all together

tax discThe government has announced that it’s the end of the road for tax discs and that motorists will no longer have to show their car insurance certificate when paying vehicle tax. The moves are designed to help the DVLA cut costs and bureaucracy and have been warmly welcomed by the insurance industry.

Roads Minister Robert Goodwill announced the move towards paperless insurance and scrapping the tax disc saying “Getting rid of needless bits of paper, making changes to free up motorists’ time, while saving money for the taxpayer, is all part of our commitment to get rid of unnecessary red tape.”

Insurance checks when applying in person for vehicle tax will be abolished on Monday 16th December, while the paper tax disc is expected to disappear from our windscreens in October 2014.

The changes have been enabled by linking DVLA records (including tax, vehicle registration and SORN notifications) to the Motor Insurers Bureau database of insured vehicles. As well as saving everyone time and money the measures will also help the authorities to target uninsured drivers.

“The introduction of Continuous Insurance Enforcement in 2011 was always designed to provide a more robust and technology driven solution to ensuring that vehicles have insurance in place” Commented Mr Ashton West of the Motor Insurers Bureau.

“The successful introduction of the new process by the DVLA and the MIB has enabled these changes to be made now, which will bring benefits to millions of motorists” concluded Mr West, and at Quoteline Direct we are certainly applauding today’s changes.

Other measures intended to cut unnecessary administration include doing away with the need to inform the DVLA every year that a vehicle is off the road. Instead motorists will now be able to make the Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) just once and inform the DVLA when the vehicle is back on the road. It’s a smart move and one that’s long overdue considering that one quarter of the 4 million annual SORN notifications are renewals.

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