Burglary Prevention: Tips from the Burglars

Snow printWith long dark nights and houses stuffed full of Christmas gifts; the festive season provides rich picking for burglars. We’ve previously posted on the basics of home security and now we’ve got some more unusual tips from the burglars themselves.

Shut your gate: An open garden gate is a telltale sign that the homeowners don’t take security too seriously.

Look lived-in:  Burglars are opportunists and if your home appears occupied they are likely to move on to an easier target. The TV can be a useful deterrent, but better still are CDs or downloads that blare-out the sounds of a busy household.

Be careful with Xmas lights: Outdoor lighting provides plenty of festive cheer for all the community, but an extension cord hanging out of a bedroom window is an invitation to burglars.

Making Tracks: A fresh blanket of snow (without footprints or tyre tracks) is a clear sign that a property is unoccupied. Ask a friendly neighbour to pop-over leaving tracks to look like someone’s at home.

Handle with care: Don’t advertise your latest electronic gizmos by leaving the packaging outside your house for the entire world to see.

Secure your bins: Wheelie bins are a great way of getting into a first floor window, make them difficult to move by chaining them to a fence or drainpipe.

Secure your garden: Trellis makes it much more difficult for burglars to hop over your gate or garden fence.

Beware of flyers: Don’t leave take-away menus hanging out of your letterbox, burglars often leave them to see if a property is occupied.

Be wary of cold callers: Whether it’s a handyman offering to clean your gutters or someone collecting for charity it pays to be suspicious of strangers on your doorstep. Keen eyed burglars can pick-up a great deal of information about your home security in a very short time.

Hide and Seek:  If you haven’t got a safe you’ll need to be creative about where you hide your valuables, and that doesn’t mean stuffing everything into your sock drawer or medicine cabinet.  It’s worth noting that burglars rarely go into kids rooms.

Hide your luggage: Keep your luggage in the loft and deny burglars the means to carry away your prized possessions.

The security tips outlined above represent some of the more sneaky ways that burglars choose properties to break into. However, it’s essential to address the basics of home security and make sure that you’ve got adequate home insurance cover.

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