Burglars: Get On Your Bike!

bicycle lockA leading home insurer has revealed the most common burglary claims and the report makes for interesting reading. Homeowners would be forgiven for automatically assuming that electronic devices claim the top spot, whereas most claims are actually made for the humble bicycle.

Thanks to Olympic success on the track and British dominance on the roads; cycling is more popular than ever. The Cycle to Work scheme has made bikes more affordable and more people are taking to the streets on two wheels. Sadly it’s a phenomenon that hasn’t gone unnoticed by criminals and bicycle theft now accounts for a staggering 17% of all burglary claims.

Next in the unlucky ‘Top Ten’ came mobile phones at 11% closely followed by laptops at 10%. Much more unexpected was the finding that power tools accounted for 10% of all stolen items, with golfing equipment and gardening tools also making the countdown; all of which are commonly kept outdoors.

As the nights draw in burglars use the cover of darkness to ply their trade and homeowners need to take security seriously. In the week when the clocks go back household thefts rise by 5% and on bonfire night break-ins soar by 22%. If you keep valuables in a garage or a shed it’s essential to make sure they are securely stored as statistics show they are amongst the most sought after items.

While theft of outdoor equipment is on the rise, burglars are shunning more traditional targets such as TVs (which accounted for just 3% of claims) as their ever increasing size makes them cumbersome to carry. Other items making the ‘Top Ten’ included tablets (9%), cameras (8%) and audio equipment (5%).

When it comes to home security the old saying that “prevention is better than cure” rings especially true, and we’ve got great tips on making your home more secure and how to stop garden crime.

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