How to buoy up your boat security

Tied boat ropeGiven that boats are often left unattended and can be packed with expensive equipment; it’s hardly surprising that they make such tempting targets for thieves. The following ten simple steps will help tighten your security and keep the boat thieves at bay:

Check your Locks Make sure that door, hatch and window locks are in good working order and don’t forget to lock-up every time you go ashore. Doors are the most common point of entry and security can be greatly improved by replacing spring latch locks with mortice locks.

Out of Sight Thieves are often opportunists and you can remove temptation by making sure that everything is securely stowed below deck. If you leave expensive items lying around (such as electronic equipment or expensive fishing tackle) you’re asking for trouble. Similarly keep curtains closed to prevent criminal types from ‘window shopping’.

Choose Moorings Carefully If you are moored up for the summer or leaving your boat over winter choose a marina that takes security seriously. Ideally you’ll find a mooring that has gated access, motion activated lighting and CCTV.

Get an Alarm Boat alarms can be a surprisingly affordable and highly effective theft deterrent. Technology covers the spectrum from simple magnetic contacts to complex wireless detectors. Your local boat yard or chandlery should be able to provide advice as well as information on immobilisers and GPS tracking.

Improved Engine Security Outboard motors should be secured to your boat using a clamping lock, or better still removed from the boat and stored securely indoors.

Know your Neighbours Make friends with boats moored nearby and ask them to keep an eye open for anything suspicious.

Avoid an Empty Tank Fuel theft from boats is a growing problem and it’s well-worth investing in a lockable filler cap.

Transit and Storage Secure your trailer with a hitch lock or wheel clamp even if your boat is stored indoors.

Make Sure you’re Covered Boats come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to choose an insurer who can hand build a quote to fit your individual needs. Getting the right boat insurance provides peace of mind and provides a financial safety net if the worst happens

Mark and Record Use a permanent UV pen to mark any expensive kit including the name of your boat and your mobile phone number. Make an inventory of everything on your boat and take photos to help streamline any claims process.







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