Guide to choosing the best boat insurance

Paper BoatFinding the right boat insurance can get you tied-up in knots, but follow these 10 simple steps and it should be plain sailing:

Accidental Damage As every boat owner knows accidents can and do happen on the water. From hidden hazards lurking beneath the surface to problems getting into port; make sure you choose a policy with generous provision for repair and replacement.

Bespoke Cover Insurance premiums are calculated to reflect risk and an individually crafted policy is the best way to get the cover you want without wasting a single penny.

Get a Broker Get someone else to do the ringing around for you and enjoy access to some seriously competitive deals which you won’t find anywhere else.

Personal Accident Contrary to popular belief most boating accidents don’t happen in ‘high winds’ on the ‘high seas’, but in much more everyday circumstances; so make sure captain and crew are covered.

Don’t Scrimp Premiums are a major factor when buying boat insurance, but if you cut too many corners you may end-up compromising on cover.

Tried & Trusted Make sure you don’t get a nasty shock when it comes to making a claim by choosing a provider who is regulated by the FCA and has a proven track record.

Public Liability Provides a financial safety net covering third party claims made against you, find a policy which doesn’t charge a liability claims excess.

Quick Claims Make sure your insurance provider has a dedicated claims team with 24 hour access or you could be left high and dry.

Transit & Launch Remember that boats are just as susceptible to damage on land as they are on water; so make sure you’re covered.

Small Print Remember that every insurance policy has exemptions and it’s essential to carefully read the details before signing-up.

Quoteline Direct can provide competitive insurance for any type of boat, from sailing dinghies and river cruisers to speedboats and yachts. To find out more visit our Boat Insurance page or Tel: 0161 874 7783 to speak with a member of our team.

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