The problem with ‘block insurance’ policies for flats

 StairsIf you own a flat or apartment, you’ll know just how tricky it can be finding the right insurance.

Block policies often fall short of providing adequate cover for fixtures and fittings or adequate liability cover for landlords. Few insurance providers really understand the problem and even fewer offer cover.

At Quoteline Direct we have been carefully listening to our customers’ needs for nearly half a century, and we’ve been working hard to see how we can plug the gaps left by other brokers.

Landlord Liability Extension

The problem: Most block insurance policies don’t provide public liability insurance; meaning landlords could be left financially exposed. In today’s increasingly litigious society court cases are fast becoming everyday events and the cost of defending a claim could wipe-out an entire property portfolio.

Landlords owe a ‘duty of care’ to their tenants (or anyone visiting the property) which means they can be held personally responsible for everything from trips caused by poorly fitting carpets to shocks caused by dodgy wiring.

Landlords liability insurance is designed to cover the legal costs associated with defending against claims of negligence. It’s typically bundled-in with buildings insurance, which is fine if you are letting a house, but is rarely included in ‘block’ policies designed to cover entire apartment buildings. Landlords are often unaware that the problem exists or have difficulty finding suitable cover.

The solution: Take out landlord contents cover with Quoteline Direct and you can add liability insurance to the policy. It’s a simple and cost effective solution that ensures you are completely covered.

Contents Cover Extension

The problem: Landlords and owner-occupiers often make the mistake of thinking their ‘fixtures and fittings’ are covered under their block buildings policy. While most buildings policies provide cover for fixtures and fittings; block policies generally just cover the frame of the building. And because most contents policies don’t include fixtures and fitting either; it could mean your kitchen and bathroom aren’t covered.

The Solution: Take out contents cover with Quoteline Direct and you can add the required amount of additional buildings cover to include fixtures and fittings. Not only will your kitchen and bathroom be covered, but everything from carpets to lampshades.

To find out more about flexible policy extensions for flat owners covered by block policies visit our Flats and Apartments Insurance page or Tel: 0161 874 4171 to speak with a member of our team.



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