Travel Insurance: annual multi trip Vs single trip?

Multiple coloured umbrellasAs the country shivers beneath an icy blanket of fog it’s all too tempting to start daydreaming about sunnier shores. Planning your holidays is a sure-fire way to beat the winter blues and it’s the right time to think about travel insurance. Deciding whether to choose a ‘single trip’ policy or ‘annual multi trip’ cover depends largely on your personal plans, but the following should help you make the right decision.

Holiday trends change over time and today’s travellers are taking a greater number of shorter breaks than ever before. Annual multi trip insurance is designed to provide convenient and competitive cover for regular travellers.

A single policy for the entire year takes the bother out of arranging cover for each trip and the savings are substantial. In fact, holidaymakers are often surprised to find that annual multi trip cover can cost less than a week’s airport parking. Annual multi trip also boasts the benefit of providing protection while you’re in the UK from weekends at the seaside to visiting friends and family.

Premiums are calculated to reflect the risk and cost of making a claim and cover for ‘further flung’ destinations will understandably cost more. However, at Quoteline Direct we like to keep things simple and calculate premiums based on broad geographic areas (Europe, North America and Worldwide).

One ‘criticism’ that can be levelled at annual multi trip insurance is that some providers limit the length of individual overseas trips to 30 days, but we like to do things differently which is why we allow policyholders to extend cover up-to three months (or 93 days to be precise!).

If you are still undecided it’s worth considering that most holidaymakers planning two or more trips abroad will be better-off taking out an annual policy rather than arranging separate cover. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a time and a place for single trip travel insurance.

As the name suggests single trip insurance is likely to be the most economical way of safeguarding against holiday mishaps for infrequent travellers. It’s a product that appeals to younger and older travellers alike by providing up to 365 days cover (great for anyone taking a year out) and automatically including cover to travellers aged up to 85 years old.

To find out more about benefits, get a quick quote, or arrange instant cover visit our travel insurance pages; we think you’ll be surprised at how much you could save.


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