The nation’s most annoying parking habits

Yellow car parkedAccording to government figures there are 30.5million cars on the country’s roads, and given that they are stationary most of the time, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve got problems with parking. We decided to take a closer look at which parking manoeuvres drive the nation crazy:

Space hogs Admittedly cars are getting bigger and bigger, but that’s no excuse for taking-up two parking spaces. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common motoring misdemeanour and it really gets up the public’s nose. Offenders either don’t know how to park, or don’t care where they park, and tend to drive more expensive vehicles.

Round the bend Parking on a corner defies all logic and is an accident waiting to happen. It’s also a clear breach of one of the basics of The Highway Code which states that you must not park (or stop) ‘opposite or within 10 metres of a junction’.

Abandonment issues Every now and then you spot a vehicle that looks like it’s simply been abandoned. It’s difficult to think of a good reason to leave your car on the hard shoulder or blocking the school gates and most excuses won’t wash.

Colour-blind drivers Red and yellow lines are there for a reason and they couldn’t be any easier to understand. Double lines mean no stopping at any time while single yellow lines mean restricted waiting.

Good neighbours Homeowners can get extremely territorial over the strip of asphalt in front of their house and can get upset when someone parks in their space. Remember that if you’re parking on a public road there’s no such thing as a private space.

Fast and furious Nothing gets the nation’s blood boiling quicker than waiting patiently for a parking space and another car whizzing-in at high speed.

Pick-up area From stations to supermarkets it seems some drivers are just too bone idle to park in an allocated parking space and would rather ruin the pick-up point for everybody else.

No indication A survey by a leading motoring organisation recently revealed that failing to indicate was the country’s biggest bugbear and it’s just as irritating when parking.

Parallel parking There’s nothing more annoying than returning to your car and finding another vehicle parked inches from the driver’s door. It’s the kind of thoughtless behaviour that gets even the most mild-mannered motorist seeing red.

Blue badge abuse Parking crimes don’t get much worse than people abusing disabled spaces. They are conveniently located near amenities for a good reason and offenders are liable to be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Admittedly finding a parking space can sometimes be a nuisance, but it’s a small price to pay to keep the roads safe and traffic flowing freely. Insurers are often asked who’s responsible when there’s a collision with an illegally parked car. Liability is a complex issue and we recommend that you get in-touch with your provider before talking to anyone else. However, it’s highly likely that the driver of the moving vehicle will be found ‘at fault’ as they owe a ‘duty of care’ to other road users, even if the parked car is breaking the law.


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