News Round-up: 30 Days in insurance news headlines

Bumper carsAre EU joking? Golf carts, dodgem cars and quad bikes could need insurance

The Department of Transport are consulting on a new European Union directive that may require all vehicles, including any used privately, to have full insurance. The legal changes could affect a wide range of vehicles from: electric bikes and mobility scooters to dodgem cars and quad bikes. The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson branded the looming changes as “insane” and an example of “undemocratic law‑making” by the EU. Whatever side of the Brexit fence you sit on; the directive could have costly consequences as the UK is legally bound to abide by European legislation while still part of the Union.

Tech-savvy vehicle thieves who break-in leaving no trace

Insurers are warning motorists to be wary of tech-savvy criminals using ‘jamming’ devices to help themselves to the contents of cars and sometimes the cars themselves. The electronic gadgets can be used to disrupt car fob signals leaving the owner to believe that the vehicle is locked when it is far from secure. The technology isn’t new, but the problem has grown markedly in recent months. The safest way to thwart the thieves is to manually check that the car is locked and pay close attention to other signs (such as the indicators flashing or horn sounding) that tell you the vehicle is locked. Proving that your car or van has been broken-into with no signs of forced entry can be difficult and insurers are understandably within their rights to refuse pay-outs for vehicles that have been left unlocked and unattended.

Why it pays to read the small print if you’re skiing or snowboarding

As the ski season gets underway the travel industry is urging holidaymakers to double check their insurance before hitting the slopes. As every winter sports enthusiast knows accidents can and do happen; and it’s essential to make sure you’ve got the right cover. However, research carried out by ABTA has revealed that one in three holidaymakers don’t read their policy details before jetting-off. Policy details vary greatly between providers with many charging a premium for off-piste skiing and other activities such as tobogganing and ice skating. One way to make sure that you’re completely covered, for everything from medical emergencies to lost luggage, is to take out a standard travel insurance policy and add-on winter sports cover. To find out more visit our winter sports insurance page or Tel: 0161 874 7745 to speak with a consultant.

Porky pets pile on pounds to insurance premiums

As a nation of animal lovers we are often guilty of overindulging our four-legged friends and our pets are piling on the pounds. Research has revealed that 45% of dogs and 40% of cats are overweight and consequently at greater risk of illness. Podgy pooches and fat cats are adding an estimated £12million to the annual pet insurance bill with average premiums for dogs now costing £275 and cats £146. Experts believe that owners are largely to blame with some treating their pets as ‘substitute children’ and allowing them to tuck into takeaways and tuck into cake.


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